L'AIPR in English.

  • Réforme DT-DICT = regulatory obligation to improve work site security
    DT déclaration de travaux = filing for work permit
    DICT déclaration d’intention de commencement de travaux = declaration of intent to begin work intervention
  • A.I.P.R = Autorisation d’intervention à proximité des réseaux = authorization for intervention in close proximity of network systems
  • A.I.P.R. categories = Developer, Supervisor or Operator – according to job skills

The obligatory training in the public works sector is taught in English by FNP Consulting.

The government reform initiated in 2012 enforced Civil Engineering companies, project contractors and constructors important new safety and prevention rules to protect construction site workers in order to reduce the number of accidents.

On all work and construction sites it is now mandatory to possess the A.I.P.R. certificate for all employees who work in close proximity of network systems performing emergency work. This includes as well all temporary staff and sub-contractors.

The expertise of the applicable regulations is acknowledged after a 6hr training session with a MCQ test (multiple choice questionnaire) which allows to obtain the l’A.I.P.R. certificate.

All foreign staff from abroad sent to operate on work sites in France also need the A.I.P.R. certificate.

FNP Consulting is speciliased in workshops in English to train English-speaking foreign personnel to pass and achieve the DT-DICT reform accreditation.

Competent bilingual instructors can train your staff in your company or closeby to your work site, helping them pass the test and also issue the certificate. We are available all over France.

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